• Project management – Our principal consultants each possess over ten years of project management experience, managing projects over a diverse range of sizes, budgets, time frames, and styles. We are versed in a range of the popular PM methodologies, and hold the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.
  • Information technology & services – We have a deep background in software development, system implementation, and system support and maintenance. We are not committed to a single technology platform or approach, rather we seek to tailor a unique solution to our unique clients.
  • Data management and analysis – Our interest in data traces back to university degrees in Mathematics and Economics, but it’s more than academic. We have extensive real-world experience collecting, managing, analyzing, and presenting information, across a variety of tools and methodologies.
  • Business strategy development – Through our strategy consulting service, we help clients envision what their organization does, and what it should be doing. We do this by drawing on our academic studies and deep experience in capital markets, philanthropy, nonprofit management, and government operations.
  • Business process execution – when our clients require additional capacity to meet their operational commitments, we can meet that need.

We seek to be creative in our client relationships. Because our clients and our projects are subject to a variety of environmental factors, we believe that one of a range of contracting vehicles – fixed fee, rate-based, equity participation – might be best suited to any particular project.


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